Welcome To ISJRA Journal

International Scientific Journal of Research Academia (ISJRA) is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed & refereed journal dedicated to advancing the frontiers of knowledge across a wide spectrum of academic disciplines. Our mission is to provide a platform for researchers, scholars, and academicians from around the world to disseminate high-quality, impactful research that fosters intellectual growth and innovation.

Journal Aim

The primary aim of ISJRA is to promote and facilitate the exchange of scientific knowledge and innovative ideas among researchers from diverse fields. By publishing original research articles, reviews, and case studies, ISJRA seeks to enhance the understanding of complex phenomena, contribute to academic discourse, and support the global academic community in addressing contemporary challenges.


ISJRA welcomes submissions from a broad range of disciplines, reflecting the journal's commitment to fostering interdisciplinary research. We aim to publish rigorous, peer-reviewed research that contributes significantly to the existing body of knowledge. The journal covers both theoretical and applied research, with an emphasis on studies that bridge gaps between different fields and promote cross-disciplinary collaboration.

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